Packaging and label design

Packaging design aligned to the visual brand identity for companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs in Romania. A distinctive label design gives a unique and personal touch to your product on the shelf.

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Why do you need a distinctive label design?

✓ Attracts consumers' attention: An attractive label or packaging design can attract consumers' attention and make the product stand out on store shelves.

✓ Creates a strong brand identity: Packaging design can help create a strong and recognizable brand identity that consumers can recognize.

✓ Plays an important role in differentiating similar products in the market

Packaging design plays an important role in attracting consumer attention, communicating product information, creating a strong brand identity and enhancing the user experience.

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Work process

packaging design

Because one of our values is transparency, we want any process to be clear from the start.

Label design brief

Brand definition

We will conduct a discovery session to understand your brand, goals and vision for your new visual identity. What do we want to discuss?

About the company and its objectives
Brand purpose, positioning and objectives
Brand archetype, buyer persona
Brand products
Target audience profile and requirements

All this information will be translated into a brief, which will contain information about product features, label or packaging sizes and manufacturer's stamps.

& Mood board

In the coming period we will analyse the information received, the competitors, the market and the opportunities it offers and create a mood-board to see if it visually translates the proposed strategy and if we are on the same page.

Once approved, we move on to the design of your new product packaging.

Moodboard label design
Label design creation


At this stage we generate ideas and create packaging sketches, 3D simulations.

After approval by the client, we move on to finalize the design, adding final and binding information.


Add the final information to the packaging or labels on the receipts received from the customer.

Design of stanta labels
Product design organic eggs

Delivery design
packaging and labels

At the end you will receive all files in the required print formats.

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