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Branding and Brand Identity

Logo creation / corporate logo / trademark design, brand manual, product design and dedicated graphics for corporate and retail brands.

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Did you know that you can influence customer perception with design?

At Acclamé, we like to help brands create a visual identity that implements a well thought-out brand strategy that communicates their values and messages. Take a look at just a few of the things you'll get when you choose to build your brand with us.

✓ Logo: a unique symbol or design that represents the brand and can be easily recognized.

✓ Colors: a specific color palette that can be associated with the brand and used in marketing materials.

✓ Typography: fonts that are used to convey the tone and personality of the brand.Imagery: photographs or illustrations that support the brand message and make it more memorable.

✓ Graphic theme: the overall look and feel of marketing materials, including website design, brochures and presentations.

It is important to ensure consistency and coherence between all these visual elements to create a strong and memorable brand image.

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Work process

brand identity

Because one of our values is transparency, we want any process to be clear from the start.

Brand identity process

Brand definition

We will conduct a discovery session to understand your brand, goals and vision for your new visual identity. What do we want to discuss?

About the company and its objectives
Brand purpose, positioning and objectives
Brand archetype, buyer persona
Brand products
Target audience profile and requirements

All this information will be translated into a brief, which we will use as a guide, in the strategy and brand identity process.

& Mood board

In the coming period we will analyse the information received, the competitors, the market and the opportunities it offers and create a mood-board to see if it visually translates the proposed strategy and if we are on the same page.

Once approved, we move on to the design of your new brand identity.

mood board brand identity
brand identity process

Sketches & Refinement Design

At this stage, ideas are generated and sketches of brand identity elements are created, including logo, colours and typography.

After ensuring that the proposals convey the brand's message and personality, the brand identity elements are refined and tested, including the logo and colour palette, font system and other visual elements.


At this stage, brand identity elements are applied to all materials, wherever the brand comes into contact with its audience. Here we can include print materials, marketing, social media pages, products and website.

All these elements will be contained in a user guide, a document of rules for using a brand's identity.

brand identity brand book
Logo creationPalette and colour system brand identityuser guide logo


At the end you will receive all files in the required print and web formats.

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