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Logo creation, packaging design, webdesign and brand identity - Branding agency
Eggcellent - Repositioning and Branding Organic Eggs
Visual identity and social media - Branding agency Acclame
Stailer.ro - From Start-up, to "the one" beauty app
Visual Identity and Design Packaging from the VITALIFT range
Alldaynatural - Brand Identity VITALIFT Skincare
Cosmetic packaging design, visual identity lotus cosmetics, label and box design, cosmetic and skincare branding
Lotus Cosmetics Endorphin Active - Cosmetic packaging design
Logo creation MobilierB2b - Acclame branding agency
MOBILIERB2B - A new concept on the Romanian market
videt web design branding agency
Videt - LP, Webdesign & Digital Campaigns Google & FB ads
Enigma - Visual Identity
Alldaynatural Packaging Design and Visual Identity - Branding Agency
Alldaynatural - Caviar Luxury Range - Packaging Design
Visual identity, logo design, label design, brand manual, 3D simulations of Mama Buna products
Mama Bună - Visual Identity & Label Design
Hygienium packaging design and visual identity - Branding agency
Hygienium Baby Bamboo - Packaging Design
Packaging design and visual identity Branding agency
Hygienium 77 - Packaging design
Protect Ads logo and visual identity creation
Protect Ads - Logo Design, Visual Identity & Webdesign
Visual identity, box and product label design, social media - Acclame Branding Agency
Caili Skincare - Cosmetic packaging design
Boza Group Logo Creation and Visual Identity - Acclame Branding Agency
Boza Group - Logo & Visual Identity
Remivia cosmetics packaging design and visual identity - Branding agency
Remivia Acne Repair - Visual Identity & Packaging Design
Mondis , Clothes ready for a new adventure, Strategy, Logo design, Visual identity
Mondis - Clothes ready for a new adventure!
branding agency, branding romania, logo design, label design, box design, marketing materials, social media LotusVet
LotusVet - Branding and Packaging Design
branding agency, visual identity and packaging design alldaynatural lip care range
Alldaynatural - Packaging Design Velvet kiss Range
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